Easy Solutions

 Protect our trees that breathe in all that CO2.

Switch to Bamboo Toilet Paper

Note: Information above provided by caboo toilet paper packaging.

This is the brand we have tried in our house since 2022
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 We have switched to using bamboo toilet paper for over a year now. The product definitely works as intended! It does not come apart or make any mess while using it as intended. We have permanently switched to bamboo toilet paper.
 Stop your unnecessary use of plastic.

Upgrade to Biodegradable garbage bags

Note: Information above provided by Superbio packaging

This is the current brand we are using in our house since 2021
Note:  This website is not sponsored by this company.

 95% of the time these bags work great! We use them in our kitchen and as long as there are no puncturing items getting thrown out, they hold up to a week's worth of garbage. We take pride in our house for minimizing our use of plastic.
   Stop using outdoor chemicals at your home.

Immediately Stop
Using Chemicals
 and Pesticides with
Sulfoxaflor and Glyphosate. 

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Sulfoxaflor ruling comes just in time to protect bees pollinating California’s almond crop, read more.
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 A study from the University of Texas at Austin indicates that Roundup can destroy gut bacteria in honey bees leaving them prone to death from harmful bacteria, read more at